When I look back I want to live a life that was meaningful to me and I want you to live the life you want when all is said and done. I specialize in helping others live the life they envision and the road to getting there is understanding self first. I am a firm believer that you cannot help another if you don’t have a grasp on yourself first. Most of us know our genealogy but what about our psychological genealogy? Let me help you wrap your head around that so you can move forward to live the life you were meant to, the one you have been wanting to. My breadth of knowledge and experience as a master level Psychotherapist, Transformational Life Coach, Educator and Mediator coupled with my own personal life experiences are assets to my life work with individuals, couples, families, communities and businesses.

My training at Columbia University certainly shaped my unique therapeutic and coaching approaches while incorporating current research. All my services are tailored to meet the individual needs of each person and company. Here, at Westport Family Therapy and Coaching, it is clear to me that there are times when we have all felt a bit unsteady, unsettled or there may be aspects of ourselves that need change but we aren’t sure how or where to begin to solve our dilemmas. Whether it is learning to better understand ourselves, manage our feelings, improve relationships, clarify thinking patterns or alter behavior that brings us into therapy or coaching the first step is reaching out; it puts us on the path to achieving powerful, life altering results. I provide a safe environment where the dialogue for considering change begins; all things are possible in an atmosphere where kindness and support exist, come see how limitless you are.