Is therapy or coaching right for me?
Come in for a free 30-minute consultation. Let’s face it if you’re reading this question something must be on your mind

What is the difference between therapy and coaching?
Therapy is for individuals who may have a mental health concern or may desire to speak with someone about their life and how to best handle something that they find might be disruptive to the flow in their life pattern and perhaps connecting it to their past circumstance to achieve that aerial view for optimal movement forward. Coaching on the other hand helps move people forward from exactly where they are without looking in the rearview mirror; the focus is on present circumstance and moving forward. The common thread between therapy and coaching is the goal of moving self in a positive direction

How do I know if my therapist or coach is right for me?
Therapy or Coaching needs be a safe place to share your personal information. A genuine feeling of trust, calm and ability to be open and vulnerable will make for quality teamwork and allow for authentic, powerful change to occur

How will I know if therapy or coaching is working?
At Westport Family Therapy and Coaching whether you are doing Coaching or Therapy the change you desire and deserve will happen because of the honesty you bring forth during our time together. Ideas and actions generated will then be carried out between visits. At Westport Family Therapy/Coaching we are clear that only so much change can take place in the office- what you learn here is to be applied to how you live in your world. What you do between your sessions matters as much as what you do during your session.

How long will I be in therapy or coaching?
That’s not for me to say, but I believe you will know and we can talk about that when the time comes. It is your choice to come and to leave. The door remains open-always

Does insurance pay for therapy or coaching?
Insurance does typically pay for therapy but not for coaching.
Each insurance plan is different. I would like to speak with you about that during our free 30 minute consult