Being part of a relationship can bring us some of the greatest happiness we have ever known; yet in these very relationships we can experience some of our greatest sorrows. Marriage can be difficult and overwhelming at times and while it comes with amazing benefits, it also asks a lot in return, such as honesty, commitment, vulnerability, and communication.

The time may come when you alone or with your partner may feel that counseling may be helpful. Couples therapy can help shift patterns of communication, thinking and behavior that are not beneficial to your relationship and deny both of you the positive, intimate connection you both deserve.

Finding the necessary new skill sets needed to open communication, acknowledge and alter negative behavior patterns and learn to understand and appreciate one another’s separate needs unique to your relationship is what you can expect to discover and be assisted with as your conversation unfolds. You will be able to implement what you have learned into your relationship, into your individual life. New Patterns create new lifestyles. Go from a new you to a new two.

Ideally, Couples need three lives; One for him, one for her, and one for them together.

- Jacqueline Bisset